Once winter wraps its icy grip around Calgary you may find yourself far less inclined to head to a wash bay.

While we understand that water and cold weather might not seem like the best combination, leaving grime and salt on your vehicle can cause corrosion that will not only damage your vehicle, but also its value.

If you keep driving past the car wash in the winter months instead of turning in, you might start seeing rust on your vehicles in places like the undercarriage, wheel well and even on the hood as the elements eat away at the metal, chrome and paint. 

Every year, billions of dollars are spent battling corrosion damage, whether it’s through funding automakers efforts to research corrosion-resistant paints and coatings; fixing damage to your own vehicle caused by road and sea salt; or corrosion-related depreciation.

So taking the time to wash your vehicle off regularly in winter can actually save you money in the long run!



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