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Waxing your car can keep it looking brand new all year round and who wouldn’t love that?!

The pros know how to do this best and we are going to share some of their tips to help you.

Where To Wax – Avoid ruining the exterior of your car with this tip!

The most obvious of car waxing tips is not to wax in the sun. This will harden the wax on your car too quickly. Ideally, you should wax indoors (our large bays are the perfect place) Make sure you don’t wax your vehicle when it’s extremely hot or very cold outside.

Applying Wax – Do it right the first time

With liquid wax, apply a small amount it in a straight line directly to a section of the car body. These are the car waxing techniques you’ll see in auto detailing shops.

Waxing – All at once? Or in two parts.

Don’t try and wax the entire car in one go. Move section by section and keep each portion small. For instance, you shouldn’t try to wax the entire hood at once. Insteadsplit it into 2 sections.

Buffing – Buff it good!

If the surface doesn’t seem to be buffing up properly, switch to a clean cloth. This will often make the difference. Buff in a circular motion.

***If there is any car wax in seams between the metal, the best car waxing help will come from an old toothbrush. Use it to remove the wax gently.***

Double Waxing – Yay or Nay? Yay!

Some pro’s have special car waxing techniques to help get that extra shine. They wax first with a synthetic and buff it up. They follow that with another layer of carnauba wax. This gives real depth for the gloss, the type of finish you’d see at car shows.

Streaking – Leave with the perfect finish!

If your finish is streaking, the best car waxing techniques suggest filling a spray bottle with distilled water and adding a ½ teaspoon of isopropyl alcohol. Spray this on the surface, and then wipe with a clean cloth to remove hazing and streaking.

And there you go! More questions or other great tips? Feel free to share!

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